Precom NW Trials Conclusions

Pre-Commercial Networks Trials Major Conclusions

Given the freeze of 3GPP Release 15 5G standards and the onset of some initial 5G commercial deployments in countries such as South Korea, many operators accelerated their 5G trials in 2019.

As a part of NGMN 5G Trial and Testing Initiative (TTI) project, some major NGMN operators, shared their initial 5G trial results.

Pre-commercial network trials phase of 5G TTI aims to consolidate the results from different operators and reach some major conclusions.

Overall, this consolidation effort, which gathers Trial reports mostly performed using a common methodology, permits to draw some very promising conclusion on the performances of early 5G implementations. Additionaly, it brings as well some observations that could lead to future improvements.


5G Trial and Testing Initiative - Proof of Concept Major Conclusions

5G Trial and Testing Initiative – Proof of Concept Major Conclusions

Architectural Highlights/Gaps:

  • CU/DU split: the need for open interface F1 and functional split agreement
  • CP/UP split: beyond current 3GPP standardization, but widely embraced by the operator community; heated discussion on open interface E1 and multi-vendor, RRM implementations in O-RAN, etc.
  • Fronthaul: the fact that we have not been able to achieve FH testing in PoC phase is due to lack of well-established interface, but hopefully in PCNT.

Performance Statements:

  • We saw most of the performance KPI results are meeting with the PoC success criteria
  • Some of the KPIs didn’t meet criteria, which was due to functionality or feature missing implementation or due to environmental constrains. We recommend these to be checked during pre-commercial trial phase.
NGMN Publication

Definition of the Testing Framework for the NGMN 5G Pre-Commercial Network Trials (Version 2)

This document (Version 2) focuses on the pre-commercial network trials phase of the NGMN 5G Trial & Testing Initiative which has the following scope:

  • Developing a testing framework for 5G New Radio (NR), as developed by 3GPP, allowing the harmonization of the testing methodologies between the different parties conducting trials.
  • Devising a strategy for the trials activities to guarantee efficiency and success of the different trials activities.
  • Testing 5G capabilities in realistic conditions with pre-commercial equipment.