NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2018

6-8 November 2018, JW Marriott Parq Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

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NGMN’s outstanding event, kindly supported by TELUS, is coming to Vancouver this November and will bring together thought leaders of the ICT industry presenting their views and visions of 5G.

We are thrilled to welcome you to an extraordinary event focusing on


5G – First Experience, Evolution & Innovation

The agenda already includes the below activities, with more to be announced!

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With such huge names from across the mobile ecosystem coming together to immerse themselves in all things 5G, this event provides a unique networking platform in an outstanding conference and exhibition environment bringing together key players from the entire mobile ecosystem.


We look forward to welcoming you to the 5G industry highlight of 2018!

NGMN Alliance launches new projects to boost 5G success

June 19, 2018

NGMN has confirmed the launch of four new key projects to support the development and deployment of 5G networks.


The projects – “Spectrum and deployment efficiencies”, “Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) requirements for vertical industries”, “RAN convergence” and “Extreme long-range communications for deep rural coverage” – have been highlighted as crucial development areas to further optimise and guide the telecoms industry towards the successful deployment of 5G beyond 2018.


Chairman of the NGMN Alliance Board Johan Wibergh said: “We’re delighted to be leading the way with 5G projects that will bring about further improvements to next-generation networks. Together, they extend our existing work programme and demonstrate our on-going commitment to contributing to the industry.”


“The projects will support standards development with a future-thinking outlook, while guiding the industry towards the successful deployment of 5G, benefiting end users in a range of locations, including high density urban and underserved rural areas.”


Work is already beginning to address requirements from operators who are keen to bring efficient, high-quality and reliable 5G networks to the market. Activities include developing new deployment models for high-density networks, sharing best practices in vertical applications with extreme requirements, making better use of Wi-Fi and re-thinking technologies to adapt to emerging markets. The first results from these new activities will be shared at the NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition, in Vancouver in November 2018.


CEO of the NGMN Alliance Peter Meissner added: “Our conference and exhibition will showcase exciting new innovations and feature key industry leaders from across the globe who will share their first-hand experiences on the work going into the development of 5G.”


“It will also be an excellent opportunity to share the results of our work as we spend two days immersed in business models, technology development and capabilities of 5G. Presentations and discussion around 5G deployment, evolution and innovation and how its potential can be fully realised will be a highlight.”


To find out more about NGMN’s Industry Conference and Exhibition 2018 in Vancouver, please visit:

NGMN Forum kindly hosted by Orange

April 17 - 18, 2018

Orange hosted an NGMN Forum meeting from April 17 to 18, 2018 in their state of the art Orange Gardens premises in Chatillon, south of Paris, France. International NGMN Partners (Operators, Vendors and Research representatives) reviewed status of the currently ongoing NGMN projects, discussed about potential future mobile communication use-cases and the related requirements. The Forum was accompanied by various very interesting demos from Orange, Keysight, Nokia, DT and InterDigital.


Alongside the NGMN Forum the following working groups took the opportunity to schedule face to face meetings: Network Management and Orchestration, RAN Functional Split, Security Competence Team, Trial & Testing Initiative and the IPR Forum.

Thank you to all of the sponsors: Orange, Ericsson, InterDigital, Huawei  and Nokia for providing culinary highlights to the event.


Emmanuel Lugagne-Delpon, SVP Orange Labs Networks and NGMN Board Member, expressed how Orange very much values NGMN’s activities especially in the area of Trials and Testing. He further mentioned that Orange is honoured to host the NGMN Forum meeting and all collocated project meetings.


Peter Meissner in turn welcomed Orange’s support in NGMN’S effort to develop key 5G requirements. As he stated NGMN expects 5G to enable countless new use cases and services.  

Five Things You Need To Know About 5G

Barcelona, Spain

Three years after the publication of the NGMN 5G White Paper in 2015, the NGMN Alliance presents the operator perspective of the 5G technology development during the Mobile World Congress 2018. The announcement addresses five major aspects of 5G, with the headline:

“5G — five things you need to know about 5G and what it delivers”.

Over the last years, NGMN has been working on many projects, guiding the work of the standard developing organisations. The accelerated completion of the standard for the non-standalone new radio (NSA-NR) last December by 3GPP has moved 5G to the trial and early deployment phase. At this important milestone, the NGMN Board has decided to publish its viewpoint on 5G with the following key messages:

  1. 5G will provide communication capabilities far beyond current networks and support a much wider ecosystem with a broad set of use cases and applications.
  2. 5G is evolutionary - with the potential for revolutionary applications.
  3. 5G brings favourable economics by new technologies and deployment scenarios.
  4. 5G will come soon - first commercial 5G equipment will be available by the end of 2018.
  5. Work on 5G is not complete yet: NGMN activities will be focusing on key challenges for successful 5G delivery.


Members of the NGMN Board of Directors, representing operators from Asia, Europe and North America, conveyed the messages to the audience during a Press and Industry Briefing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, followed by a Q&A session.
Johan Wibergh, Chairman of the Board, said: “NGMN wants to cut through the hype around 5G and present a realistic view of the current status, as well as the work which still needs to be done over the next few years to evolve towards the full potential of 5G. The work programme of NGMN will continue to guide and drive the technical requirements of 5G, recognising that we are just at the start of the journey. NGMN will continue to support the development of a healthy ecosystem for all stakeholders.”