NGMN and ESOA sign Co-operation Agreement

The EMEA Satellite Operators Associations (ESOA) and the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance have joined forces to strengthen their relationship and to foster a closer co-operation in the area of integration of satellite solutions in the 5G ecosystem.


This co-operation agreement brings together two widely recognised industry organisations in the field of 5G cellular and satellite networks, respectively. Conscious of the need to expand the benefits of connectivity to as many potential citizens as possible, NGMN and ESOA wish to explore synergies between satellite and terrestrial technologies. This will allow mobile and satellite operators to assess the benefits of new business models that will extend connectivity and potentially unleash new markets and growth for both sectors.  

“The NGMN project on Extreme Long-Range Communications for Deep Rural Coverage provides essential guidance in terms of end-to-end requirements for rural scenarios”, said Peter Meissner, CEO of the NGMN Alliance. “We are looking forward to a close co-operation with ESOA to jointly drive successful global development of the required 5G technology platform for the benefit of the whole industry. The integration of Non-Terrestrial Networks with greatly expanded reach can help operators to provide services to most or all of their territory.” 

Aarti Holla Maini, Secretary General of ESOA, stated: “The cooperation between NGMN and ESOA is an important step forward to working towards true universal 5G through a Network of Networks. 5G needs a genuine commitment to making cross-sector cooperation a success in order to really deliver a tangible difference over 4G/LTE and to extend connectivity overall. The cooperation will therefore exclusively focus on technologies, their real business impact and their potential interworking and integration.”

NGMN Industry Conference 2020

The NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2020 - kindly supported by Orange - presents:


The Unique Journey to 5G Commercial Success

Join us on April 21st - 23rd 2020 in Paris, France to:

  • Get insights from first class speakers, thought leaders and key players from ICT and vertical industries
  • See hands on demonstrations on latest technology, innovative products and exciting applications
  • Understand in which ways 5G is a game changer, shifting paradigms and changing all of our lives
  • Discover how the industry takes off and delivers on the promises made on 5G
  • Enjoy networking opportunities with CXO level participants from our operator and industry partners


This conference and exhibition will highlight:  

  • Experience with up and running 5G networks globally
  • Holistic view on performance, security and customer experience  
  • New services and business models driving technology evolution
  • Current and future vertical industry use cases and applications
  • Exhibition and demonstration of latest 5G technology
  • Technology outlook and innovations beyond 5G

The must attend event of 2020!


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Telecom Review on Cyber Security

9th April 2019

Telecom Review published a number of interviews with NGMN Board Directors on cyber security. The articles are definitely worth reading if you want to hear the latest on security from world leading mobile operators!

Immersive 5G Experience

NGMN Chairman Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon at Mobile World Congress 2019

Emmanuel Lugagne highlights the potential of 5G-powered augmented reality and other use cases, which will make use of the increased capacity and speed of 5G technologies.