NGMN Partners

The NGMN Alliance (Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance) is an open forum founded by world-leading mobile network operators. Its goal is to ensure that the standards for next generation network infrastructure, service platforms and devices will meet the requirements of operators and, ultimately, will satisfy end user demand and expectations. NGMN seeks to incorporate the views of all interested stakeholders in the telecommunications industry and is open to three categories of participants (NGMN Partners): Mobile network operators (Members), telco vendors, software companies and many other leading industry players (Contributors), and research institutes contributing substantially to mid- to long-term innovation (Advisors). Each of these Partner categories has different rights as laid down in the NGMN Articles of Association and the NGMN Participation Guidelines.

Board of the NGMN Alliance

The NGMN Alliance is constituted through NGMN e. V. and headed by a board of directors (Board). As NGMN is an operator-driven initiative, Board membership is restricted to mobile network operators. The Board gives strategic guidance for the NGMN objectives and the Work Programme and represents the ultimate decision authority within NGMN. The Board is chaired by one of the directors of the Board.

Chief Executive Officer, Programme Office

The NGMN CEO is appointed by the Board and is responsible for achieving the overall objectives and the execution of the Work Programme on an operational level. He reports to the Board and is a member of the Board. In addition, a Programme Office has been established to facilitate collaboration of the Partners, to manage the Work Programme and to take care of press relations and administrative tasks. The Programme Office is headed by the CEO.

NGMN Forum

The Forum consists of representatives from Member, Contributor and Advisor Partners. The Forum acts as a consultative plenary body to coordinate the collaboration between Members, Contributors and Advisors and to provide assistance to the Board and the CEO in managing the Work Programme.


The Work Programme is executed through a number of projects which are assessed, initiated, supervised and approved by the Board. The Work Programme is guided by a structured process with clearly defined procedures to initiate, produce, approve and disseminate NGMN deliverables which are required to achieve the NGMN objectives. Further information on the Work Programme can be found at Work Programme.