More Reasons to Attend the NGMN IC&E 2016

The agenda of the NGMN Industry Conference is filled with hot 5G topics

Operator and industry leaders as well as subject matter experts will outline the future market demand and prerequisites for a successful 5G delivery. Consequently, the presentations will be about the enabling 5G technology platform and how to test initial solutions. Most importantly a major takeaway will be reaching transparency on key milestones to achieve one global 5G standard.


5G: Status of Demand & Delivery

Find here an overview of the agenda topics to be discussed at the conference

Future use-cases and applications

  • Vertical industry services, IoT and their impact on technology & architecture
  • 5G Market demand, ecosystem players and regulation
  • Spectrum landscape and alignment
  • 5G and intellectual property - challenges and solutions
  • 5G End-to-end architecture guidelines and vision
  • 5G Technology requirements, challenges and initial solutions
  • System migration to 5G, forward compatibility and legacy interworking
  • Development and standardisation of 5G - roadmap and milestones
  • First global 5G trial & testing results and gap analysis
  • Relevance of Open Source in 5G and co-operation with standards
  • Security, privacy & identity strategies and measures for 5G



Joint NGMN and GTI V2X Workshop

A joint workshop will be held by NGMN and GTI on October 11th 2016 in Frankfurt/Germany. The workshop is aiming to establish dialogue for cross-industry communication on V2X and help drive the development and success of V2X.

This joint workshop held by NGMN and GTI will be open to NGMN partners, GTI members and partners and the automotive industry. On this dedicated platform, top leaders and experts from automotive industry, telecom industry, TSPs and internet companies from around the world, will share the latest progress and the opportunities of V2X industry, discuss in-depth the requirements and key technologies of V2X and explore the collaboration opportunities in the ecosystem.