Mobile Operators Present Initial “5G” Requirements

Frankfurt, Germany - 16th June 2014


The Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance presented end-to-end requirements for 5G at its NGMN Forum meeting in June. Leading global Operator, Vendor and Research representatives gathered to review the initial results of the Alliance’s 5G initiative and to give guidance on the way forward.


The NGMN Forum attracted 5G experts and strategists of all leading global NGMN Operator, Vendor and Research Partners for the review of the initial results of the 5G initiative. During the event, the team laid out their viewpoint of a vision for 2020 and beyond in terms of industry environment and use cases. This viewpoint on the business vision built the basis for the following presented technology requirements, architecture design principles and spectrum guidelines. The audience appreciated the comprehensiveness and high quality of the initial findings, and gave guidance on the content.


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