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Pre-Commercial Network Slicing Trials Major Conclusions

While several documents have already been produced on the network slicing concept, technical details, and business cases, this White Paper tackles a more challenging, complex and practical domain by consolidating the pre-commercial network slicing test results from different chipset platforms and indicates that 5G smartphones and 5G S-modules have been able to support network slicing. Tests were performed based on the published testing framework White Paper, where all test objectives, pre-configurations, procedures, and success criteria were defined. Observations introduced in this White Paper give the insight of some future improvements in network slicing.

Network Customisation Based on Service Based Architecture V2.2

Network Customisation Based on Service Based Architecture

In order to investigate the 5G service-based architecture (SBA) evolution to support various Verticals’ requirements, this White Paper provides some considerations including network functionality evolution, platform design and dynamic network resource allocation. The main aspects of this paper cover User Plane Function (UPF) service design and capability exposure, edge computing support, 5G network customisation, and dynamic network slice allocation.