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Press and Industry Briefing on February 27, 2024

NGMN Press & Industry Briefing @MWC 2024

NGMN Press & Industry Briefing 2024 

27 February 2024 – 1pm-2pm CET – MWC24 in Barcelona, live on the Deutsche Telekom stage – 3M31 

Arash Ashouriha – Chairman of the NGMN Alliance Board and SVP Group Technology at Deutsche Telekom – and Anita Döhler – CEO at NGMN Alliance – will jointly review last years’ achievements and provide an update on strategy and topics for 2024.  

Accompanied by further NGMN Alliance Board Members they will delve deeper into NGMN’s significant publications: “6G Position Statement: An Operator View” and “Cloud Native Manifesto: An Operator View’”  and will announce the IC&E 24 – NGMN’s global biennial Industry Conference & Exhibition. 

The presentations will be followed by an open Q&A session. 

Board Members expected in alphabetical order: Jérôme Birot/TELUS, Carlos Fernandes/DT, Juhong Huang/China Mobile, Luke Ibbetson/Vodafone, Laurent Leboucher/Orange, Narothum Saxena/UScellular and Takki Yu/SK Telecom. 


Cover Image Press and Industry Briefing on 28th February 2023

NGMN Press And Industry Briefing @MWC 2023


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Thank you for joining our annual NGMN Press & Industry Briefing at Mobile World Congress on February 28th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm CET live on stage at the Deutsche Telekom stage (3M31).

Our Chairman of the Board Arash Ashouriha (SVP Group Technology, Deutsche Telekom), together with our CEO Anita Döhler as well as the other Board Members Carlos Fernandes (VP Lead Partner Manager, Deutsche Telekom), Laurent Leboucher (Group CTO and Senior Vice President, Orange Innovation Networks), Luke Ibbetson (Head of Group R&D, Vodafone) and Mike Irizarry (Executive Vice President & CTO, UScellular) have been excited to share our achievements, findings and best practices with regards to our strategic focus topics:

  • Mastering the Route to Disaggregation / Operating Disaggregated Networks
  • Green Future Networks
  • 6G

We invite you to also check out our recently published actionable recommendations and guidelines for two of our strategic focus topics:

1) 6G Requirements and Design Considerations:https://bit.ly/3YYGHtj
2) Green Future Networks: KPIs and Target Values for Green Network Assessment:
3) Green Future Networks: Telco Supply Chain Sustainability:https://bit.ly/41szHX5

Many thanks to all participants who joined in person and virtually. The presentation can be downloaded here:

Cover image Press and Industry Briefing on 1th March 2022

NGMN Press And Industry Briefing 2022

Thank you for joining our annual NGMN Press & Industry Briefing at Mobile World Congress on March 1st from 1:30 – 2:30 pm CET live on stage at the Deutsche Telekom stand (3M31).

Our Chairman of the Board Arash Ashouriha together with our CEO Anita Döhler presented an update on NGMN’s growth momentum and strategic focus topics:

  • Mastering the Route to Disaggregation/ Operating Disaggregated Networks
  • 6G
  • Green Future Networks

The present and virtual audience was filled with NGMN Board Members, industry experts and members of the press. Highly interesting questions were posed in the live Q&A following the presentation.

The presentation of the briefing can be downloaded here.


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Press and Industry Briefing 2021

NGMN Press And Industry Briefing

During the last year, NGMN went through a significant transformation – jointly driven by our new Chairman of the Board Arash Ashouriha from Deutsche Telekom, our new CEO Anita Doehler, as well as by the entire NGMN Board.

Disaggregation, cloudification and virtualisation, amongst others lead to significant changes in the industry and the whole ecosystem requiring operators and the entire value chain to change in order to successfully manage these challenges. Hence, we felt a strong need to transform our strategy and focus topics.

We decided to build upon our strengths and remain operator driven with a focus on requirements level.

Together with the entire NGMN Board, we actively developed and approved our New Strategic Focus Topics, addressing the industries’ main challenges today and in the next years.

Alongside with projects supporting 5G’s full implementation, the focus of the NGMN Work Programme in 2021 and beyond is on three main equally important pillars with different time horizons:


1. Mastering the Route to Disaggregation with a focus on the End-to-End Operating Model

Disaggregation is a key topic for mobile network operators and the entire industry.

For MNOs and their CTOs, one of the most burning questions is how to master the operation of disaggregated networks.

Therefore, one of our core projects of this strategic pillar is “Operting Disaggregated Networks” – ODiN. This pillar also embraces network automation as well as cloud native projects.


2. Green Future Networks

Sustainability is a topic of general and global concern gaining increasing attention from many companies.

The “carbon handprint” or “enabling effect” provided by the ICT sector can efficiently contribute to lower the “carbon footprint” of a high impact industry. ICT represents 2% of the worldwide greenhouse gas emissions according to the ITU with mobile and fixed networks representing 24% out of the ICT emissions.

Our Green Future Networks project focuses on the identification and mitigation of environmental impacts generated by the network part of the ICT sector such as:

  • Sustainability Challenges, Initiatives in Mobile Networks and End-to-End Service Footprint
  • Network Equipment Eco-Design
  • Network Energy Efficiency and
  • Metering


3. 6G

NGMN has a proven track record in substantially paving the way for 4G’s and 5G’s success, its mass-market and end-user adaptation. We are determined to provide the same impact for 6G, in order to achieve harmonised global standards and to contribute to a healthy global ecosystem for the benefit of end-users.

As a global organisation representing the entire value chain, NGMN is set to take the lead in providing impactful guidance for global 6G activities responding to the needs of end users, societies, mobile network operators and the ecosystem as a whole.

We published the first 6G White Paper focusing on the 6G Drivers and Vision in April this year, in which NGMN Operators identify the key drivers for 6G and outline our vision for 6G and the future transition of networks enabling differentiated services with expanded market opportunities and novel experience. Furthermore, the paper outlines the key challenges to be considered in a journey towards 6G, and emphasises the need for a healthy and unified global ecosystem and for global standards.

This is the first of a series of deliverables that NGMN will publish within the next years. In the next steps, use cases and end-to-end system requirements will follow.


Our New Brand

In addition, we have introduced a new NGMN brand that builds upon and extends our new strategy.

The new NGMN is fresh and energetic, standing for the duopoly of our brand idea of unity and practicability. The dual colour scheme symbolises human touch (red) and technology (blue). We unite our human touch with technology! Our new logo contains several nice features, underpinning our new way of working. Curious to find out more?


Discover our transformation and access the TelecomTV recording of the „NGMN Press & Industry Briefing“ with the following NGMN Board member participants:

  • Arash Ashouriha (SVP Group Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom and Chairman of the NGMN Board)
  • Carlos Fernandes (VP Group Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom)
  • Anita Döhler (CEO, NGMN Alliance)
  • Yuhong Huang (Deputy General Manager China Mobile Research Institute, China Mobile)
  • Luke Ibbetson (Head of Group R&D, Vodafone)
  • Michael S. Irizarry (EVP and CTO Engineering and Information Technology, UScellular)
  • Emmanuel Lugagne Delpon (SVP Orange Labs Networks, Orange)

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For further information please download the NGMN Press & Industry Briefing presentation here.