The Green Network Summit


18 -19 January , 2022

Network operators have multiple reasons to become more sustainable, which responds to societal needs due to climate change, enables them to set targets as part of their corporate responsibility efforts and fulfils growing clients expectations, as well as helping to contribute to a reduction in operational expenses. But how can they achieve these goals?

This online summit will examine what the ‘Green Network’ of the future looks like; the drivers towards operators’ carbon neutral goals; what vendors and other partners are doing to help; the role of coalitions and bodies such as the European Green Digital Coalition; and more.

The Green Network summit content will cover four specific areas:

  1. Defining the Green Network
  2. Measuring the Energy Efficiency of Telecoms Networks
  3. Sustainable Challenges and Initiatives in Mobile Networks
  4. How Green is the Cloud?

Join NGMN Board Members and Green Future Networks project leads in the various discussions around our strategic focus topic Green Future Networks. You will be able to actively ask your questions during the live Q&A sessions at the end of each day.

For further information and to register for this event please visit: TelecomTV