Guidance to SDO's and the Wider Industry

End to End Architecture Framework

Work Stream Leads

Adrian Neal, Vodafone

Steve Tsang Kwong U, Orange


Develop a high level architectural framework with building blocks to guide a possible new 5G architecture plus  NSM & Orchestration. Major items to be considered: Mobile access, fixed access, edge core, core NW, control plane, user plane, SGiLAN, slices, etc.


Network Management & Orchestration

Work Stream Leads

Klaus Martiny, Deutsche Telekom

Vladimir Yanover, Cisco


  • Provide key requirements and high level architecture of network and service management and orchestration for 5G
  • Comprehensive view on the new needs for network and service management concepts and requirements raising from infrastructure evolution to 5G as well as from vast amount of new different service scenarios/possibilities enabled by new 5G technologies
  • Active interaction and co-operation with relevant industry foras and standardization activities is studied and established searching specifically gaps relevant to be taken into account for 5G evolution


5G Security Competence Team


Jovan Golic, Telecom Italia


  • Focus on 5G security related topics raised by other NGMN 
  • In addition working on security of network capability exposure in 5G
  • Revising and updating deliverables produced by the previous security work stream