Project Leaders

André Fournier (Lead), Amphenol Antenna Solutions
Paolo GIANOLA (Co-Lead), Telecom Italia



Ambiguity in antenna specifications resulting from a lack of standards can make it difficult for RF engineers and supply chain managers to competently compare product from various vendors. Miscommunication during the procurement process on specification definitions and compliance to them is likely commonplace.

Introduction of globally accepted antenna standards into the wireless industry by the BASTA team facilitates more informed and accurate cost/benefit decisions on antenna selection. Standardization in the marketplace did drive quality and improved performance into antenna products and result in positive impact to coverage, capacity and QoS.

The Project BASTA is currently working on an updated NGMN whitepaper that recommends base station antenna (BSA) standards. The project team facilitates an appropriate forum and organization to further develop them and promote their adoption, which in general is beneficial to the wireless community and the NGMN partners.


Scope and Objectives:

The result of the project on Base Station Antenna Standards is an Implementation Recommendation which helps the telecommunication industry to establish industry-wide accepted antenna standards for the benefit of its customers.

The scope of the project is to:

  • Collect existing base station antenna standards
  • Develop specific recommendations on standards
  • Update the currently existing Whitepaper