5G Work Programme

In 2016, the NGMN Board announced three key NGMN focus areas for the coming years:

  • Eco-system building and interaction: Establishing and nurturing platforms for collaboration with representatives from vertical industries, IPR experts and other business communities;
  • Guidance to SDOs and the wider industry: Recommendation of technical requirements and performance targets as well as recommendation of enabling conditions;
  • Evaluation of test and proof of concept results: Analysis of initial, internationally proposed 5G technical solutions with regards to gaps, feasibility, consistency.

The current activities within the three focus areas are as follows: 

Eco-system Building and Interaction:


  • IPR Forum
  • Spectrum recommendations
  • Vertical Industries (V2X and others)
  • Base Station Antenna Requirements
  • Verticals URLLC Requirements

Guidance to SDOs and the Wider Industry:


  • E2E Architecture Framework
  • Service Based Architecture
  • RAN Functional Split
  • Network Management & Orchestration
  • Security Competence Team
  • 5G Extreme Requirements
  • Spectrum Efficiency and Defragmentation
  • RAN Convergence
  • Rural Coverage

Evaluation of Trials, Tests, and Proof of Concepts:

  • 5G Trial & Testing Initiative

Please contact the NGMN Office (office(at)ngmn.org) for further details on the different work-items.

Work-plan Until 5G Launch