Task Force Lead:

  • Heino Cumpanas (Huawei)


Scope of the task force is to lead and steer the introduction of the 4.3-10 antenna connector.

NGMN decided to form a group to elaborate a coordinated migration proposal from previous connectors to 4.3-10 for minimizing cost and risks.

It is seen that connector migration is usually spread over many years. The use of different antenna connectors can make network planning difficult, which results in higher TCO and installation cost by extra jumpers and increased stock levels of similar devices with different connectors.


Activities and Objectives

  • Avoid costly and time consuming multiple replacement of site components and exploding logistics
  • Deliver great customer experience and bring operational efficiency
  • Facilitate multilateral cooperation of operators and vendors
  • Prepare a proposal for a cost efficient and coordinated migration
  • Create an industry platform to exchange ideas & concerns
  • Ultimately propose a common migration strategy including time plan