5G Trial and Testing Initiative - Proof of Concept Major Conclusions

Architectural Highlights/Gaps:

  • CU/DU split: the need for open interface F1 and functional split agreement
  • CP/UP split: beyond current 3GPP standardization, but widely embraced by the operator community; heated discussion on open interface E1 and multi-vendor, RRM implementations in O-RAN, etc.
  • Fronthaul: the fact that we have not been able to achieve FH testing in PoC phase is due to lack of well-established interface, but hopefully in PCNT.

Performance Statements:

  • We saw most of the performance KPI results are meeting with the PoC success criteria
  • Some of the KPIs didn’t meet criteria, which was due to functionality or feature missing implementation or due to environmental constrains. We recommend these to be checked during pre-commercial trial phase.