NGMN Recommendations regarding the Transparency of SEP Disclosures

With reference to IPR, NGMN is developing recommendations and an implementation strategy supporting a more transparent and predictable IPR eco-system for 5G Standards Essential Patents (SEP) across industries that will support sustainable implementation of 5G technologies and ensure that innovation is stimulated and innovators appropriately rewarded. One of the business objectives is to make 5G accessible for all types of devices from high-end smartphones and tablets down to low-end MTC (Machine Type Communication) devices such as smoke detectors and sensors. In support of this objective, the IP licensing terms and conditions for 5G market should be fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory so as to enable sustainable and successful mass deployment of any 5G service or Product Type including MTC devices to support the Internet of Things (IoT). One of the objectives is to improve the transparency of 5G Standard Essential Patent (SEP) Disclosures.

NGMN sent a liaison statement to various industry organisations on this matter.