Liaison Statement to 3GPP, ETSI and TM Forum on Future of Network Tracing

As network operators move towards 5G, the challenges associated with accessing and storing network data, especially from highly virtualized networks, are expected to increase significantly. The white paper ‘Architectural Proposal for the Handling of Network Operations Data with Specific Focus on Virtualized Networks’ proposes a technical solution how to capture and process network data such that many different use cases, both for virtualized and legacy scenarios, can be fulfilled.

The purpose of this liaison paper is to draw vendors’ attention to a new technical direction which operators are keen to explore and develop further. In particular, the paper proposes an architectural solution which outlines operators’ desires to achieve improved access to network data in order to broaden analytics capabilities and overcome some of today’s functional limitations. 

The NGMN Network Management and Orchestration Working Group requests vendors and probe suppliers review the paper with a view to incorporating the proposed architecture and requirements into their future solutions.