Liaison Statement on Requirement of Lifecycle Management for 3GPP Service Based Architecture

NGMN acknowledges that 3GPP is specifying 5G architecture as Service-Based where an NF (network function) is composed by a set of NF services.

NGMN has currently discussed about two possible approaches

  • The NF service is treated as VNF and the corresponding NFV management and orchestration mechanism can be employed.
  • The NF service is treated as VNFC, and the NF is regarded as VNF.

Therefore the VNFM (VNF manager) should be enhanced to support VNFC level lifecycle management. NGMN kindly request ETSI NFV IFA WG and ETSI NFV EVE WG to investigate related approaches to support SBA, e.g., NF service-level management, and provide information to NGMN.