NGMN Contribution to 3GPP on Service Based Architecture

NGMN operators believe that a Service-Based Architecture (SBA), characterized by modularized services and lightweight interaction protocols, is suitable for a 5G architectural framework. The SBA approach provides a variety of benefits for the 5G architectural framework, e.g. flexible and adaptable network capabilities, faster development cycles, updates, and a dynamic discovery and launch of services on demand in the network.

NGMN acknowledges that 3GPP is working on the normative phase of a Service-Based architecture for 5G, with an emphasis on the control plane for the R15 time-frame. NGMN operators kindly recommend that 3GPP takes NGMN operators’ requirements into account and defines the 5G baseline architecture using the SBA approach. 


NGMN operators expect that SA2 will develop the SBA approach for the 5G system in Release 15 and continue to enhance the SBA approach beyond Release 15. Furthermore NGMN operators kindly request CT3/CT4 to work on the appropriate protocol design for the Service-Based Interfaces in Release 15.