Kuo-Feng Lin

Kuo-feng Lin

Senior Executive Vice President and CTO, Chunghwa Telecom

Mr. Kuo-feng Lin currently serves as the Senior Executive Vice President and CTO at Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. He previously served as the Vice President and President of Mobile Business Group from October 2009 to November 2016, and as the Manager of Taipei Branch, Mobile Business Group from April 2006 to October 2009. Mr. Lin graduated from the Taipei Institute of Technology and majored at Electronic Engineering. After a lengthy career within the Mobile Business Group, he is now responsible for the formulation, strategy and promotion of Chunghwa Telecom’s communication business. Chunghwa Telecom has always fulfilled the role of telecommunication innovation and leadership within Taiwan, and through his experience and strong leadership, Chunghwa Telecom was the first to launch a commercial LTE network in Taiwan on May 29, 2014, bringing Taiwan into a new generation of high speed mobile communications.