23 – 25. May 2022 – Online

6GSymposium brings fresh ideas and inspiration from the leading thinkers in industry, government and academia. We are excited to have our project leads Saima Ansari and David Lister representing the NGMN at this great event.

The telecoms playing field is changing, with business, regulatory, social and technical upheavals even today; new demands; and an ever-increasing set of stakeholders and competitors.

Tomorrow’s winners – nations and businesses alike – are setting up today to navigate this new world.

Join 72 leading thinkers, including Saima Ansari and David Lister representing the NGMN, from government, business and academia at 6GSymposium online May 23-25, and gain a free insight into all that’s coming; what it means for you; and how to succeed in this new environment.

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