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mimoOn and Texas Instruments collaborate to deliver a complete LTE PHY reference design for small cell basestations


Duisburg, Germany - February 9th, 2011 - mimoOn, a pioneer in LTE software licensing for Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms, today announced a collaboration with Texas Instruments for the new C66x DSP family especially suited for emerging small cell base stations. mimoOn and Texas Instruments will work together to provide a complete PHY reference design for LTE Release 8 with extensions to release 10. Customers will benefit in fast time-to-market where the process of integrating, optimizing & supporting LTE software has been taken care, allowing them to spend their efforts building differentiation above the PHY. In addition, mimoOn's extensive background in LTE combined with TI's latest 4G SoC will enable the highest-performing LTE solutions for small cell base stations.


According to Thomas Kaiser, CEO of mimoOn, "2011 will see LTE deployment increasing and the market is demanding a fully integrated SoC with LTE software that enables faster time to market, in combination with efficient reuse of SW. mimoOn and Texas Instruments collaboration enables potential customers to take delivery of a complete SW & HW solution, delivering a competitive advantage for them and their end customers since all the pre-integration work is taken care of."


"By utilizing mimoOn's LTE software on TI's new C66x DSP generation, the collaboration with mimoOn empowers customers with a complete solution. We are also able to ensure that the full capabilities of our platform are utilized, delivering significant advantages to our customers" said Kathy Brown, BU Manager, TI.


At MWC Barcelona February 14-17, 2011, mimoOn will showcase their advanced LTE PHY implementation running on TI's DSP on their pavilion AV99.



About mimoOn


mimoOn GmbH, headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, is a leading licensor of LTE Software IP for mobile devices & wireless infrastructure. mimoOn's portfolio of products includes Physical Layer (PHY) and Protocol Stack (L2/L3) for mobile phones and devices, small cell basestations (Pico/Femto) and IP development in the areas of advanced algorithms, SON, schedulers and radio resource management.


mimoOn partners with leading silicon & DSP IP vendors including CEVA, Tensilica & Texas Instruments providing a complete HW & SW platform for OEM's to develop and commercialise their products.


We provide a complete porting, optimisation and verification service, as well as a roadmap to future 3GPP releases.


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