5G Briefing Istanbul

8 - 10 May 2018, Istanbul, Turkey

The global wireless network continues to grow, and industry experts predict 5G will be the gateway to unprecedented data speeds and capacity connecting more users and devices in all aspects of business and our daily lives.

What are the requirements that need to be met for 5G development? What are key components of 5G technologies? How will 5G impact network design? How will 5G be positioned in real-world business environments? What are the expectations of key vertical industries that 5G must meet? What are the uncertainties and challenges of 5G development? When will be the 5G market reality? Which use cases with 5G are the most promising?

That’s what the 5G Briefing is all about. It’s a unique event, designed to facilitate the discussion of use cases and to present current best practice across key topics that are driving our industry.

The conference features one day of presentations and panel sessions, representing the cutting edge Next Generation Mobile Communications and a pre- and post-conference workshop to provide an understanding of what the future of mobile networks will look like and discuss the 5G mobile network - the economic need and technical need for 5G and the various technologies that will support 5G mobile networks.