Benefits for NGMN Partners

Membership of the NGMN Alliance is open to all companies interested in joining NGMN's vision to provide a platform for innovation by moving towards one integrated network for the seamless introduction of mobile broadband services.


The NGMN Alliance is a forum to share, assess, and drive aspects of mobile broadband technologies focusing on 5G while accelerating the development of LTE-Advanced and its ecosystem. The NGMN Alliance complements and supports the work within standardisation bodies and industry fora by providing a coherent view of what the operator community is going to require for successful deployment and in order to deliver mobile broadband technology quickly and cost-effectively and serve the benefits of the end-user.


In its projects, workshops and deliverables, the NGMN Alliance


  • establishes clear functional and non functional requirements,
  • lays out scenarios for effective spectrum utilisation,
  • ensures feasibility of technology by active coordination of trials,
  • provides input to standards development organisations,
  • identifies and removes barriers to successful implementation of attractive services,
  • develops use cases and guidelines for operational efficiency improvements.


Become a Partner by signing up to this vision and mission - and benefit from the NGMN Alliance:


  • Drive and shape industry and technology development in projects
  • Shape the future mobile services ecosystem
  • Closely interact and network with other leading international operators, vendors and research institutes
  • Share latest technology expert know-how
  • Enhance your organisation's visibility through contributions to NGMN events (like the NGMN Industry Conference, Mobile World Congress) and other communication activities


Find out more about NGMN and the vision and mission of NGMN Alliance, its organisation, the NGMN Board and all NGMN Partners.


Your organisation can be a part of the exciting work of NGMN by joining the NGMN Alliance as a Member (mobile operator), as a Contributor (telco vendor, software company or other industry players, or as an Advisor (research institute contributing substantially to mid- to long-term innovation). Each of these NGMN Partner categories has different roles, rights, and obligations, as described in Membership Categories.