Capacity Media: Communications Infrastructure Summit

26 June 2019, Atlanta, USA


In preparation for the highly anticipated deployment of commercial 5G across the world, companies across a vast selection of telecommunications sectors are strategising and prepping for network upgrades on an unprecedented scale. While the commercial opportunities post deployment are looking very exciting and almost endless, to an industry challenged by fierce competition, the practical aspect of delivering an all encompassing network is a complicated and expensive one. To fully realise the opportunities in 5G cross-industry collaboration is crucial.

BroadGroup, Capacity Media, Layer123 and TowerXchange have partnered to deliver the inaugural Communications Infrastructure Summit - the first strategic industry meeting and debate for global infrastructure leaders to solve challenges aligned with 5G deployment. The unique gathering of fibre, wireless, software, hardware and data centre companies will also provide first hand insight on cross-industry collaboration and convergence. If your business strategic objective is to lead in technology development and network performance, don’t miss the opportunity to join the call to action.