Connect-EC Exhibit and Conference 2019

2-5 May 2019, Dresden, Germany

5G is turning the world of telecommunications on its head – digitalisation is driving business models onwards, giving rise to new ones and heralding the end of old ones. The smartphone is becoming the heartbeat of our lives, the car a communications centre. The world is facing the greatest change since industrialisation.
Time for a fair and conference that addresses the issues of our age in a modern and forward-looking manner.
We want you to see the big picture. For this reason, the vast amount of topics are clustered into four distinct channels, combining individual topics into a bigger story.

  • connect@mobile (e.g. 5G, smartphones, wearables)
  • connect@home (e.g. IOT, fixed lines, FHHT/FTTC, giga cube, computing/gaming, smart home)
  • connect@car/mobility (e.g. eMobility, autonomous driving, car connectivity, infotainment, carsharing)
  • connect@channel (e.g. wireless automation, smart building, 5G measuring technology)

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