Conference on Licensing Practices in 5G Industry Segments

29 & 30 January 2019, Geneva/Switzerland

Focusing on the development of 5G the Conference on Licensing Practices in 5G Industry Segments, jointly organized by NGMN and ITU, will facilitate sharing and discussing present-day licensing practices and related issues in different industry segments. The Conference will discuss issues that stakeholders may need to be aware of or to timely address, share licensors’, licensees’ and pool administrators’ requirements on patent pools/platforms, identify proposed practices and conduct for licensors and licensees in a 5G environment and identify requirements for increasing transparency and assessing essentiality of SEPs in 5G and look at the main key issues to be addressed in the coming years and how to resolve them.


The Conference is free of charge, but pre-registration needs to be done with ITU until 15th January 2019:

Due to limited seats available registration will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In case of any question please contact: office(at)