Initiative for Development of the 5G White Paper

Initiative for the Development of the 5G White Paper

NGMN has had a central role in the definition of operator requirements which contributed significantly to the overall success of LTE. LTE has become a true global and mainstream mobile technology, and will continue to support the customer and market needs.

Drivers for Technology Development 2020

NGMN expects customer requirements in the 2020+ timeframe to result in:

  • Accommodation of massive traffic growth and high density demand
  • A wide variety and variability of services consumed
  • New use cases such as machine type communication (M2M, Internet of Things)
  • Stringent demands for real time communications

Future Role of the NGMN Alliance

While accelerating the development of LTE-Advanced, NGMN will develop end to end operator requirements to satisfy the needs of customers and markets in 2020+, to be delivered in a sustainable and cost-efficient way while continuing to provide consistent customer experience.

Delivery of the NGMN 5G White Paper at Mobile World Congress 2015

The major outcome of the 5G Initiative – the public NGMN 5G White Paper – has now been finalised. It intends to guide the standardisation and to support the subsequent availability of 5G from 2020. The White Paper sets challenging technical and other ecosystem requirements for 5G, and will accelerate the adoption of new emerging technology innovations. The in-detail presentation of the NGMN 5G White Paper (by NGMN Board Directors and work stream-leads) and open discussion (with key industry stakeholders) happened at the NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2015 on 24th and 25th March 2015 in Frankfurt/Germany.

Cooperation with all Ecosystem Stakeholders

NGMN as an open forum will continue to reach out and work together with all ecosystem stakeholders to promote an orchestrated effort for global and aligned development.