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ETSI completes foundation standards package for M2M services

ETSI Headquarters, Sophia Antipolis, France - 20 February 2012


ETSI has published the first release of its Machine to Machine (M2M) service standards, providing a standardized platform to manage the complexity of multiple M2M services and technologies.


Machine to Machine (M2M) communication services are already showing strong revenue growth with the number of deployments steadily increasing. Large-scale managed M2M services will become a feature of this industry, but today the technology landscape is fragmented, which discourages investment.


Leading industry players participating in ETSI's Technical Committee for Machine to Machine communications (TC M2M) have now developed a set of standards which provides a complete horizontal service layer for M2M communications.


The ETSI M2M Release 1 standards enable integration of different M2M technology choices into one managed platform. ETSI M2M Release 1 is built upon proven and mature standards from ETSI and other bodies such as the IETF, 3GPP, the Open Mobile Alliance and the Broadband Forum. The business benefits are clear: reduced complexity of M2M deployments, reduced deployment time for new M2M services, and ultimately reduced CAPEX and OPEX. The ETSI M2M standards specify architectural components including M2M devices, gateways with associated interfaces, applications, access technologies as well as the M2M Service Capabilities Layer. They also offer security, traffic scheduling, device discovery and lifecycle management features. The ETSI M2M Release 1 standards are published as a set of three specifications which are available for download from the ETSI website:



Mr. Enrico Scarrone, Telecom Italia, Chairman of ETSI TC M2M, said: "The publication of the ETSI M2M Release 1 standards marks a new milestone for the M2M industry. They unlock the potential for wide-scale deployment of M2M services and technologies, and encourage investment in new applications, which one day will bring us to a true Internet of Things."


Source: ETSI