NGMN Supports EU Workshop on Patent Pools in ICT in Brussels on 18th April 2012

For ICT standardisation to continue its role as a major instrument supporting competitiveness, as well as increasing interoperability and responding to industry expectations and societal needs, an adequate balance has to be found.


In particular, IPR policies, rules and practice implemented by standards developing organisations should not only reflect a proper balance between the interests of IPR owners and users/implementors of standards. They should also actively promote transparency and predictability in the marketplace. Moreover, standards developing organisations should be able to effectively implement such IPR policies while responding to the requirements set by competition law.


NGMN as well as other organisations are supporting the event which will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 18th April 2012. The workshop will help to identify advantages and disadvantages of patent pools in relation to ICT standardisation and to subsequently identify how patent pools could best function in order to avoid antitrust concerns. The event will focus on 4 main parts as follows: 1.Setting the scene, 2. Building and running a patent pool, 3. Users' experience, and 4. Enabling frameworks.


The event is free of charge.
Further information including the agenda and registration can be found at