ETSI Small Cell LTE Plugfest

10-14 June 2013, Kranj, Slovenia

The Small Cell Forum, in partnership with ETSI, is organizing the next Small Cell LTE Plugfest in June 2013, hosted by the SINTESIO test lab in Slovenia. Obligatory pre-testing will take place on site the week before (4-7 June).


The Small Cell LTE Plugfest offers on-site and remote test sessions where vendors assess the level of interoperability of their implementations and verify the correct interpretation of 3GPP and other base specifications. The Plugfest will conduct IoT campaign based on the test cases developed by the Small Cell Forum. All Small Cell LTE systems and sub-system vendors are invited to participate. Vendors that connect remotely to the Plugfest must send at least one representative on site during the entire event for communication and logistical purposes.


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