The vision of the NGMN Alliance is to expand the communications experience by providing a truly integrated and cohesively managed delivery platform that brings affordable mobile broadband services to the end user with a particular focus on 5G while accelerating the development of LTE-Advanced and its ecosystem.


The mission of the NGMN Alliance is

  • to expand and evolve the mobile broadband experience, with a particular focus on LTE and LTE-Advanced deployments and their further enhancements.
  • to establish clear functionality and performance targets as well as fundamental requirements for deployment scenarios and network operations,
  • to give guidance to equipment developers and standardisation bodies, leading to the implementation of a cost-effective network evolution,
  • to drive implementation of NGMN recommendations and to establish liaison statements and project agreements as needed with SDOs and industry organisations,
  • to provide an information exchange forum for the industry on critical and immediate concerns and to share experiences and lessons learnt, and
  • to address spectrum requirements and to support the establishment of a transparent and predictable IPR regime.
General Mission Statement for 5G

5G is an end-to-end ecosystem to enable a fully mobile and connected society. It empowers value creation towards customers and partners, through existing and emerging use cases, delivered with consistent experience, and enabled by sustainable business models.”